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Barns, Annexes & Home Offices

It is increasingly apparent working from home - either full or part-time - is becoming an essential option for many of us. Combining good design to allow this, but without interfering with domestic arrangements is an ideal worth achieving. A separate guest annexe that allows visiting family or guests a measure of independence from the main house has equal advantages. Why not combine these needs into a neat solution with a myriad of alternative uses such as garages, games rooms, party barn, gym or teenage dens. A combination space for these and many more uses will add considerable value and attraction to the principle residential unit like no other.

Extensions, Additions & Orangeries

As the need for additional space is always desirable, why not take advantage of some of the recent changes to the general national planning policies. A well designed and quality built scheme that meets your needs and budget should only ever enhance the way you live. It is also comforting to know that whatever the cost to build it should add the same or considerably more to the value of your home overall.

The warmth of wood and incorporation of modern insulation, together with sophisticated air and thermal handling will result in a space you will soon wonder how you coped before it was built.


We have extensive experience of designing and building equestrian use barns, stables and complexes for some highly discerning owners, both here and abroad. Many stables are built however that after some time become redundant, if enthusiasm wanes when children leave home. We are experienced in designing and building such schemes that years down the line become guest annexes, letting units, staff or elderly parents' accommodation for example.

We are also experienced in designing and building dedicated indoor arenas, outdoor menages and fully equipped yards including hydrotherapy, treatment and surgery facilities for owners and veterinarians at the very pinnacle of equestrian sport.


Over many years, we have designed and built some dedicated homes to exacting standards for discerning clients. These range from modest staff cottages or farm lettable units right up to impressive homes whose owners want to see and feel the beauty of wood, Oak is a highly efficient carbon trap and an ancient building material with the benefit of being renewable. Deciduous tree planting is increasing all over the world, and ironically managing this demand makes this entirely sustainable for generational benefit to us all.

Large housebuilding firms are encouraged to implement monoculture cookie-cutter developments, resulting in dull built form seen almost everywhere. It doesn't need to be this way, as cost is not the problem but lack of unique thinking is. Be different. Let us design and build your project to meet exactly your desires. Some schemes can take many years to thread through the system. But that's OK - we're patient. The first step, however, is the most important, so contact us now.

To discuss any project, large or small, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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